Monday, October 4, 2010

The Daily News with Naily Dews 10/4/2010 (Video)

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Britney Spears has reportedly added some new tattoos by having "Yes" and "No" tagged on her breasts. Her new boyfriend voiced a minor objection saying, quote, "he doesn't like anybody putting words in his mouth."

John Lennon's assassin was asked how he will mark the 30th anniversary of the death of the music icon. He said his only regret was that he didn't have better aim because he was actually gunning for Yoko Ono, and if he'd succeeded, he probably never would have been sent to jail.

Jersey Shore star Snooki Polizzi is backing out of a publishing deal after learning that she was contracted to write her first book. She thought the publisher said she would have to READ her first book.

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